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Wardrobe Stylist & Costume Designer


About Me

Meeting Of The Minds

 I work with directors and photographers to find the heart of their vision and help to express it though wardrobe choices. We collaborate creatively to give meaning and character to their visions. Bringing a distinct and memorable look to all kinds of work, I focus on composition and creativity.

Anchored in Experience

I am resourceful and think outside the box, allowing me to explore various creative avenues. My versatility means that I work quickly with changes in production and get the best out of any budget. With my love for travel and diving into different cultures, I am widely experienced in an array of different work. I have lived and worked all around the globe, giving me the threads that inspire my work in everything that I do.

Building Relationships

I'm proud to be affiliated with the Costume Designer's Guild #892!

 For over 20 years, I have developed strong and amazing professional relationships. With my optimistic outlook and my upbeat personality, I enjoy working with photographers, directors, actors, and models of any stature to build a wardrobe team that successfully contributes to the whole production.